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William Thomas Buddell remembrance loop

The Netherlands





27.39 km

The local resistance played a crucial role in providing safe houses and support to those in hiding. Many of the people who went into hiding, were able to survive the war because of the efforts of the local resistance. One of these survivors is Bram Houtkruijer, who went into hiding in Gytsjerk. Local citizens of Frisian villages like Gytsjerk, helped evacuees who came to the province in search of food and shelter.

The town of Birdaard is situated close to Gytsjerk. On the 15th of April 1945, troops of the Royal Canadian Dragoons were sent to this town in the afternoon. German forces were still present at Birdaard and fighting broke out between them, the local resistance and the Canadian Dragoons. At the end of this battle, William Thomas Buddell, a Canadian Lieutenant, was fatally injured by a German sniper. He was one of at least twelve Canadians who were killed or who died during or as a result of their deployment in Friesland.