The Netherlands / Themed route

Around the Freedom Museum

7.76 km

Hiking path


On this walk you go back in time to the last war year in Groesbeek. The various photo panels lead you past the Freedom Museum and the Canadian War Cemetery to the symbolic starting point of Operation Veritable.

Groesbeek was hit hard by the war. Two major Allied operations took place there and for months it was frontline territory. Its location right on the border and on the lateral moraine give the village great strategic value.

Walk over the rolling hills where thousands of paratroopers were dropped in September 1944 and six months later the Rhineland offensive into Germany started. From the Freedom Museum, you pass several photo panels and a special viewpoint at the edge of the village to the Canadian War Cemetery on the Seven Hills Road. Back, the path crosses the meadows and passes several monuments. The walking route can be combined well with a visit to the Freedom Museum, where the regional story is placed in the national and international context of the war.

Operation Market Garden and the Rhineland Offensive

Operation Market Garden was launched in September 1944. The aim of this combined land and air attack was to capture the bridges over the Meuse, Waal and Rhine rivers. The Nijmegen bridges were won, but the Arnhem bridge proved to be a bridge too far. In the region around Nijmegen the front came down, there was heavy fighting and many villages were evacuated.

This changed in February 1945 when the Rhineland offensive started. This offensive saw almost half a million Allied soldiers move from the Reich of Nijmegen into Germany to cross the Rhine and end the war.

Wylerbaan 4, Groesbeek

Freedom Museum